Copper accents may be all the rage right now but we think this trend is here to stay! It’s all about adding elements of luxe to your life without breaking the bank.

Adding copper to your space can be an easy and really quick and effective way to add an added textural element to your home space. We suggest starting off small building on your existing space with things like copper candles, accents or even table settings, and then graduating to larger scale items like coffee tables, wall units or faucets.

Copper or brass accents are fast becoming our go to accent as unlike gold or silver, their natural hue adds warmth and light to a space. Often gold or silver accents can seem harsh, or tend to clash with other prints or colours, however copper’s natural undertones allow it to fit quite easily into a monochromatic or colourful space.

Check out some of our favourite copper accent pieces to add to your home right now, all under $100!

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Under 100 copper accents for your home


CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Apex Copper Foil Cushion $54.95 at, Copper Bathroom Range from $31.96 at, Kmart Copper Lamp $20.00 at, Copper Soy Wax Candle $39.00 from, Copper Fairy Lights $10.00 from, Tom Dixon Copper Shade from $99.00 at